Projects from 2018 to date

Ped4Bim - People Flow and Occupancy Simulation for BIM

Ped4Bim - People Flow and Occupancy Simulation for BIM

Ped4Bim is a people flow and evacuation software which works closely together with BIM tools (Building Information Modeling) like Autodesk® Revit® or Allplan®. Ped4Bim can directly import different CAD/GIS/BIM formats like DXF, DWG, SVG, HPGL and CGM. Files in IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes) are converted into 2D layouts in advance via a web service. The simulation results are then read back into the BIM model in the form of density or load plots and displayed. Within the BIM workflow Ped4Bim can be used in different planning and construction phases as well as in later operation and maintenance phases.

Offline Speech Control with Vosk and Azure Speech

Windows Azure Speech containers provide a scalable, customizable and highly accurate speech recognition solution. They allow developers to deploy different speech models in a containerized environment, providing flexibility and control over the recognition process. By integrating Vosk with Azure Speech container gives you the best of both worlds - offline recognition with Vosk and the advanced capabilities of Azure's cloud-based services.
SYSTAG AG offers voice control with dictation function as standard in its proven RemoteX app. With this function, laboratory reactors and equipment can be controlled and monitored by voice command and experiments can be commented on immediately. This benefits lab technicians who, for various reasons, cannot use standard input devices such as a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen, e.g. because they have to wear gloves to protect themselves from aggressive or toxic chemicals. Read the story behind it...

Sensor Data Acquisition and Motor Control via Bluetooth

Sensor Data Acquisition and Motor Control via BluetoothThis project, realized with an Arduino Nano BLE, serves the wireless, multi-channel acquisition, management and analysis of sensor data. The output voltage of the angle sensors used in this case, are fed to the ADC inputs of the Arduino after signal processing, where they are averaged (low-pass) and sent at regular intervals via a Bluetooth module from uBlox to a computer. There the data can be received, saved and displayed both numerically and graphically. Stored data can be reloaded, shown and analyzed in more detail. The cleaned data is also used for the Trinamic Motion Control, which is later used to control the stepper motors.

RFID Key Management System

RFID Key Management SystemThe system consists of a compact RFID read/write module (UHF 868 MHz EU) and a platform independent communication software. The RFID unit is connected via USB to a computer, from which it is powered and controlled. This allows EPC Gen2 transponders (tags) to be read or written directly on a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet. The reader can acquire up to 255 tags 'simultaneously' (1..3 s) in bulk mode. The reading range is adjustable and is between 10 and 100 cm, depending on the transponder type. A tag is uniquely identified via the RFID chip integrated in the ID card, key or fob. In this way, all key movements are automatically documented and can be traced at any time. The communication software facilitates quick and easy connection and testing of the RFID system and can be easily integrated into your own applications without having to deal with the internal communication protocol in detail.