Projects from 2003 to 2007

PIDI - Personal Integrated Dive Instrument

PIDI - Personal Integrated Dive Instrument

PIDI combines all instruments needed for Scuba diving in one multifunctional unit that can be adjusted to the personal preference of the diver and may be expanded at any time. The Underwater Navigation System (Sonar) newly integrated into a dive computer shows the exact position under water and allows the diver, independent of prevailing visibility and without having to resurface, to get to the intended location. Documentation…

Ultrasonic Sonar Designer

Ultrasonic Sonar Designer Software

The Sonar Designer is a helpful tool for developers and designers of sonar systems. The software eases the elaborate search for the most workable Piezo materials and dimensions for an optimal sound propagation and signal transmission under water. The tool is suitable for ultrasonic transmitters as well as for receivers or combined data transmission systems.
This project is now hosted as open source on GitHub.

TDT - Tank Data Transmitter

Scuba Tank Data Transmitter

Wireless low power / low frequency transmitter for the transmission of measurement data in fresh and saltwater over short distances. The TDT is designed universally but was mainly developed to transmit Scuba divers tank pressure wire- and hoseless. This project was developed in cooperation with our longstanding partner Hitron and was built and tested as a prototype. Documentation…

PidiSim Dive & Navigation Simulator

PIDIsim Dive Simulation and Analysis Software

PidiSim is a simulation software that completely emulates the Personal Integrated Dive Instrument PIDI on a personal computer. With this utility virtual dives with various mixed gases and dive profiles can be simulated realistically. This way software changes can be verified and tested first before they are downloaded into the target system. This project is now hosted as open source on GitHub.